30 minute Tabata workout-no equipment

It is recommended that you consult with your doctor before commencing any strenuous exercise.

This is a super intense form of HIIT. This is not for beginners. Also, there is a lot of jumping in this workout which means it is not suitable for those with troublesome knees, ankles or extremely high arches in their feet.

Workout theme: 20sec of work followed by 10sec rest. Five, 4min circuits with 1min rest in between.

During the 20sec of work really push yourself. During the 10sec of rest set up for the next exercise, it comes up quick. The harder you work in the 20sec, the more calories your body burns later, read more about HIIT here.

Warm Up:

  • 30sec Jog (in place)
  • 30sec Jumping Jacks (aka star jumps)
  • 30sec Skaters (small leaps side to side)
  • 30 sec Jump Rope (am imaginary rope is fine)
  • 30 sec Butt Kicks

Repeat 2 times through non-stop


  • 20sec Squat Jumps
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Wacky Jacks (crunch oblique’s jumping side to side bringing right elbow towards right knee, left elbow to left knee, if too complex to regular jumping jacks)
  • 10sec Rest

Repeat 4 times through no breaks (except for the designated 10sec), and then take 1min rest.

  • 20sec Jump lunges (can modify with alt forward lunges)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Walking Planks (can modify by dropping to the knees instead of toes)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Burpees
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Mt.Climbers
  • 10sec Rest

Repeat 2 times through, then take 1min rest

  • 20sec Right-Left Squat Jumps (start facing the right in a low squat and jump around to face the left, land in low squat)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Cross Country Skiers (start in a split stance, right leg forward left leg back and switch it back and forth fast, pump your arms at the same time)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Skaters (small leaps side to side)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec High Knees
  • 10sec Rest

Repeat 2 times through, then take 1min rest

  • 20sec Fast Feet
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Bound Skaters (small hops side to side with feet together)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Standing Mt.Climbers (high knees while alt arms up and down, if you can’t make sense of this do regular mountain climbers)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec In and Out squat (start with feet together than jump feet out wide and lower into deep wide squat, then hop back to standing with feet together)
  • 10sec Rest

Repeat 2 times through, then take 1min rest

  • 20sec Jump Squats
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Plank Wipers (from plank hop feet out to the side and then back to center, can modify by walking feet out and in. Try to not let your butt go up in the air, keep the body in a straight line)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec Bicycles (laying down bring opposite elbow to opposite knee)
  • 10sec Rest
  • 20sec High knees (modify by jogging in place)
  • 10sec Rest

Repeat 2 times through, then rest 1min and cool down!

Congratulations you did it!

March in place or walk till heart rate has come down and then stretch.

  • Stretch Hamstring and calves (dorsi flexion on each leg)
  • Quad stretch (standing, grab one foot and pull back towards your bottom, do both sides)
  • Hip flexor stretch (can target in a low lunge, relax back knee to floor and bring hands on hips, do both sides)
  • Glut stretch (lying down with knees bent and feet flat on floor, place right foot on left knee. Bend left knee in toward you and interlock all ten fingers under the left thigh, do both sides)
  • Chest and shoulders (interlock all ten fingers behind back)


  1. Dresden Bush /

    Awesome workout! Thanks!

  2. Erika OHearn /

    Great one!

  3. Makhonyola /

    i am leaving to visit my wife’s parents for thanksgiving. Definitely going to do this workout at least a couple of days. Can’t wait :)

    • I am very glad to hear that! I love this workout so much because it can be done anywhere. I will be doing it with you in spirit too, as I will want to indulge a bit on Thanksgiving! :)

      • Makhonyola Khoza /

        Did it this morning Jannine…all I can say is wowser! Heart pumping to say the least. This was such a great way to start the day. Did it in the garage in a space that was no bigger than 6×6. Thanks again …happy thanksgiving!

        • Makhonyola Khoza /

          Oops spell check…Janine :)

          • AH that is fantastic! And what dedication! Way to make your workout a priority. I love that you did it in a small space too because that I what I love most about this workout, you dan do it anywhere.

  4. Sammie /

    How many calories does this burn.

    • It depends; I burn about 290 in this 30min workout but I am female and 5’2′. If you are male and larger you will burn more. Also, you have to consider the after-burn from Tabata workouts. Tabata and other HIIT workouts put your metabolism in overdrive for up to 24hrs after the workout.

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